You can’t, however, be afraid to back it back down by 20–30 percent the next week. By alternating your long runs back and forth between two distances you will be able to get more out of your body on that over-distance long run while not getting too close to the edge and going over.

As an event, the women’s 800 is about to change, massively. The question is, how? For one thing, expect the winning times to be slower. Niyonsaba and, especially, Semenya were capable of producing times that no woman with XX chromosomes could reach.

Prep: Smile. Smile before your run, during your run and after your run. Take one from the book of Camille and smile your way through the pain.

One of the main benefits of the Squires Long Run is that it forces you to practice running goal race pace or faster when your legs are tired, similar to what you experience in the latter stages of the marathon.