Running Tip #1

#1 Run Every Day

I will add if you can’t run, walk / hike on the days you can’t run. The other cardio stuff is a waste of fine if your a runner and you don’t have joint issues. So Just Say No! To spin, swim, hiit etc.

None of the 3000 plus men at this link who have run sub 2:11 did anything but run when healthy.

Also don’t go “but they run 100 mile weeks and I can’t do that”. Their 100 mile weeks only take them 10 to 12 hours a week. My wife and Milo the Pup do that every week and they aren’t training for anything.

Most elites follow this schedule:

  • Every Morning: 60 to 90 minutes
  • Every Evening: 40 minutes
  • Once a Week: 120 to 150 minutes

You can do the above if you keep it simple, have a few training loops right from your house and just do it. You don’t need to be epic. BE BORING. Don’t drive to a gym or trail your burning minutes that could be you on your feet moving in a forward direction!

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