Reason I left Lyft …

Back in October I started driving for Lyft. Some extra money for races and driving when I wanted to were the many reasons. I didn’t drive for Uber because I had to pay for a car inspection (Lyft was free) and Uber seems to always be on the wrong side of a new story. Heck Uber is often in stories they have no business being in.

A feature that I liked and used on the Lyft app was the destination feature. I could drive in the afternoon before I had to pickup my wife or son and the app made sure I was where I needed to be when it was time to pick them up. Plus I could use this feature when traveling to races. I put in the destination and the time I needed to be there …

Well the first blow was the removed the time function months ago with some lame excuse that they needed to fix it and that was months ago. So now I can put where I need to be but not what time. Which means I don’t get the longer rides around town etc. So that was super lame and I started driving less. Days away became a week away and I realized that the little money I made got gobbled up by me being out of the house and buying stuff.

If I stay home I don’t spend any money and I am not wasting time waiting for fares or getting the car to Lyft. Finally my Economics degree kicked in and I realized that driving didn’t make sense. So now I only Lyft if I have to go some where and I am not in a hurry to get there.

Maybe if the money was better, I would reconsider.

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