Endurance Twitter: 06.27.20

Steve Magness



Jun 27

Heat = Poor Man’s Altitude.

Training in a hot environment for 5 weeks increases hemoglobin mass in elite cyclists

I await others ditching the trendy Flagstaff & Boulder training spots for the newly minted high heat & humidity training center of Houston:

Hal Higdon



Jun 26

I recommend doing the long runs 30 to 90 seconds or more slower than race pace. Running long at race pace is like doing a race a weekend, which is the path to self-destruction. Even the Kenyans don’t do their long runs at race pace. They know when to run S-L-O-W.

Stephanie Bruce



Jun 25

One lesson I’ve learned in my running over the years. When you start blaming “it was the terrain, it was the workout, it was the drills, it was the hills” that caused an injury. More than likely it could be exposing a weakness that maybe you’ve ignored and could focus prehab on.




Jun 21

Coaching is much like parenting. Many decisions that you make may not produce the results you were looking for.  However, if all of decisions are made for valid reasons and with love, everyone can live with the results.

Esther Atkins



Jun 21

Attention runners and people who talk to them:

Someone’s fitness is not a judgement on yours.

Someone’s PRs are not a judgement on yours.

Someone’s dedication is not a judgement on yours.

There is no scarcity of fitness, PRs, or dedication. Their gain is not your loss.

Hal Higdon


Do you want to improve as a runner? The key to improvement is consistency. Much more than any fancy training schedule featuring interval training, tempo runs or hill repeats. Just run day after day, week after week, year after year at a level where you do not become injured.

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