Endurance Twitter: 07.05.20

Rich Gonzalez@PrepCalTrack

Breaking: Amador Valley jr. John Lester wins Independence Day Mile in Oregon in 4:06.97. Clocked 4:05.46 en route at 1600m, moving to #35 spot on uber-impressive all-time state list! It takes 4:08.1 to make the Top 100 cutoff in California’s rich history! https://prepcaltrack.com/2020/06/11/tfrecords/

When Amador Valley’s John Lester ripped 4:06.97 for the full mile last night, it was not only his personal best, it was also the third-fastest “4-lapper” in NCS history, and the second fastest in 46 years! His split for 1600m was 4:05.46. https://prepcaltrack.com/2020/07/04/lester-strangio-come-up-short-in-sub-4-bids/

Officially, Amador Valley junior John Lester wins the Independence Day Mile in 4:06.97. Mat Strangio of Jesuit third in 4:11.78. Jesuit’s Ajani Salcido fourth in 4:11.86! Pasadena sophomore Isaiah Givens in 4:17.44.

Jonathan Gault@jgault13

Joshua Cheptegei says he will target Kenenisa Bekele’s 5,000m world record in Monaco on August 14. Bekele’s record is 12:37.35, which has stood since 2004. No one else has come within 5 secs of it since it was set. Cheptegei’s track pb is 12:57.41 (he’s run 12:51 on the roads).

Brad Stulberg@BStulberg

Health and well-being habits stick best: -Fit into your life without need for radical change -Environment supports them -You find them intrinsically rewarding—you see and feel internal benefits from doing them -You’ve got community support -You’re kind to yourself along the way

Brad Stulberg@BStulberg

Stress + Rest = Growth. Too much of the former you get injury, illness, burnout. Too much of the latter you get boredom, complacency, stagnation. Need both.

Cal-Hi Sports@CalHiSports

JUST OUT: Nico Young (Newbury Park) named 2019-20 Boys State Athlete of the Year. 1st distance runner since German Fernandez (Riverbank) 2007-08. 1st on all-time list from Ventura Co since 1922. @PrepCalTrack@DyeStat@vcspreps@NPHSXC@latsondheimerhttps://calhisports.com/2020/06/30/state-athlete-of-year-nico-young/

Brad Stulberg@BStulberg

When you sleep: -Growth-promoting hormones build muscle and bone. -Brain consolidates and connects information. -Emotions get processed. Basically, you get stronger, smarter, and wiser. Before turning to any supplement or “hack,” if you aren’t sleeping 8hrs a night start there.

Steve Magness@stevemagness

A great coach once told me that good coaches take complex ideas and make them simple, while a bad coach who wants to appear like they know what they are doing takes ideas and concepts and makes them more complex.


On this day (28 June) in 1984, in Oslo at the Bislett Games, Ingrid Kristiansen became the first woman to run 5000m in under 15mins. Her 14:58.89 took apart Mary Tabb’s (Decker) 15:08.26 set 2yrs before in Eugene. Kristiansen, 1987 World 10,000m champion set 4 career track wrecs.

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