Endurance Twitter 07.16.20


Calling all U.S. athletes ages 25+! The first ever USATF Masters Virtual Summer Challenge presented by @TeamToyota is now open for registration. Start your training now and prepare to push yourself against others in your age group, August 3-17!


Kevin Castille, the former crack cocaine dealer turned masters star who owns age-45+ world records for 5,000 (14:11.09) and 10,000 meters (29:44.38), has been banned for years for doping.

Rich Gonzalez@PrepCalTrack

BREAKING: in very unfortunate news, the 2020 Nike Cross Nationals and Nike Cross Regionals meets have been canceled due to Covid19.

Rich Gonzalez@PrepCalTrack·

BREAKING: This just in…. Clovis Unified School District to return to in-person classes for full schedule; parents will have option for on-line learning as well.

Mark Remy@realdumbrunner·

Here’s something I’ve learned about myself over time: If I don’t get out for a run before noon, the odds that I’ll run at all that day are practically nil.

Tony Hawk@tonyhawk·

Driving through Badlands with my family, no other cars in sight. Saw a downhill section and stopped so I can skate it. Halfway down two cars pass, one is a park ranger who turns around Me (to myself): busted Park ranger stops & rolls down window: “are you TH? Can I get a selfie?”

Hal Higdon@higdonmarathon·

Don’t count on losing weight while training for a marathon. Cutting calories is not a good idea before long workouts. As your mileage climbs, you need to eat more and more food, not less.

Rich Gonzalez@PrepCalTrack·

BREAKING: California’s two largest school districts — Los Angeles Unified and San Diego Unified — have announced that they will have only online classes when the new school year begins next month.

AP Oddities@AP_Oddities

Frozen out: The coronavirus pandemic has taken away another summertime tradition in the U.S.: There will be no free Slurpees at 7-Elevens on July 11.

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