Endurance Twitter: 07.17.20


Hear from the biggest star in American distance running @shelbo800 after her 14:23 American record. https://letsrun.com/news/2020/07/shelby-houlihan-5000-american-record-podcast/…#fast

Rich Gonzalez@PrepCalTrack·

The Early Returns Are In — Most public school districts in California have decided to begin the 2020-21 academic school year using a “distance learning” (online) model: https://prepcaltrack.com/2020/07/16/most-public-school-districts-thus-far-deciding-to-start-school-year-with-online-teaching-model/


Note to self: You can’t force fitness. Stay patient.

Bring Back the Mile@themile·

#FlashbackFriday OTD in 1966, @ All-American Invitational Meet, @JimRyun (USA) runs Mile WR of 3:51.3 in Berkeley, CA.

Smashed Michel Jazy’s mark of 3:53.6 by 2.3 seconds & became 1st American to hold outdoor Mile WR since 1937 (Glenn Cunningham)

↟ damien ↟@mrdamiendeville·

Really interesting, I know when I’m about to get sick because my overnight resting HR goes up. Your Fitness Tracker Might Be Able to Predict COVID-19

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