Endurance Twitter: 07.20.20

Chris Chavez@ChrisChavez·

No U.S. championship for first time in 140+ years. USATF says “plans for a mid-September end-of-season elite event in 2020 have been cancelled” after consulting with its experts. It was a unanimous decision by the group & noted “safety hurdles were too steep to overcome”

Rich Gonzalez@PrepCalTrack·

BREAKING! @CIFState reveals new HS sports calendar due to Covid-19 impact. Cross country state meet is March 27. State track and field meet is June 26! More details coming! #WearYourMask#WeAreBack !!

Rich Gonzalez@PrepCalTrack·

Rob Wigod: The sports of cross country and track and field were intentionally separated on the new calendar so that athletes in those two sports can still be involved in each.


If you have a great race, YOU SHOULD BE MOTIVATED to keep the ball rolling. If you have a poor race, YOU SHOULD BE MOTIVATED to get rid of that awful taste in your mouth. Mediocre race, YOU SHOULD BE MOTIVATED knowing that great race could be next. YOU SHOULD BE MOTIVATED.

Steve Magness@stevemagness

If you could bottle up sleep and sell it as a performance-enhancing drug it would be a billion-dollar blockbuster.

Hal Higdon@higdonmarathon

There should be no shame in taking walking breaks. My son Kevin ran 2:18 and qualified for the Olympic Trials taking short breaks at aid stations. I nailed a 2:29 at age 49 following the same strategy. @JeffGalloway has taught zillions of marathoners how to run/walk

Candice Burt@runcandice·

Walking is just slow running— no shame in it. The walk/run combo is important for beginners, for runners on easy days, and for some trail running routes (steep and/or dangerous sections). Point: listen to your body always.Quote Tweet

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