Endurance Twitter: 07.24.20


You know how you enter a race with big goals and midway through the race when it starts to get tough you have to dig deep and remember how important your goal is to you? Yeah, this pandemic is like that. Stay strong. You deserve it.


In the wake of mask, school, BLM and assorted other outrages flooding our feeds, THANK YOU GARMIN. #Ultrachat#DouchebagTragedy


Garmin users! We’re currently experiencing problems syncing data with Garmin including structured workouts and completed workouts. Our friends over at Garmin are hard at work to fix the issue and will hopefully be back online soon. Thanks for your patience.

Hal Higdon@higdonmarathon·

Never get out of shape: This is the secret for avoiding injury: Keep running. Maintaining a solid base level of fitness means that when you want to increase your training to achieve a specific goal, you don’t need to push too hard. Mileage increases should be made gradually.


2020 Track & Field season was non existent for HS, College & all other Major Meets. All road races were also cancelled. However the number of new runners is increasing daily. It just goes to show you how much our sport has to offer. Not sure any other sport can make this claim.

Camille Herron@runcamille·

Congratulation to Alamosa’s Kyle Masterson running the 2nd fastest 50K by an American at the Dome in WI, 2:44:38

! So proud of him- he was training for @ComradesRace . Looking forward to seeing him take it on next yr! @damonmartin63


Thanks to @AlysiaMontano and the @nytimes , we’ve heard about many female track and field stars feeling compelled to compete during stressful times to avoid reduction clauses. Has Covid-19 resulted in men now feeling the same pressure?

Chris Chavez@ChrisChavez·.

@BowermanTC’s @KarissaSchweiz4 runs 4:00.02 to become the 8th fastest American woman of all-time at 1,500 meters. @steeple_squigs runs 4:03.98 for second – just off her personal best of 4:03.02. Elise Cranny third in 4:07.94

Jonathan Gault@jgault13·

Bragging rights go to Moh Ahmed, who wins the battle of the Bowermen with a big 1500 pb of 3:34.89 (#5 on the all-time Canadian list). PBs as well for Marc Scott, Grant Fisher, Woody Kincaid.


Respect your competitors, but never idolize them. Idolizing your competition limits your potential.

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