Endurance Noise Live | Cross Country in 2020?

Anytime I have a rough day running I remember the times when I was injured and unable to run at all and I realize how fortunate I am. Even a bad run is a good thing.


We did it! The fastest time from the lowest to highest place on the continental United States. 33 hours and 32 minutes 🎆🎆🎆🇺🇸

I was moved over and over again when I felt the weight of miles and miles of the generosity of people giving to City Gospel Mission. I heard from my team early on in Death Valley National Park that we hit our goal of raising $5,000 for their programs for homeless and individuals in recovery; a mark that was double our original goal. We doubled our goal again and together have raised $8,964. Thanks everyone who contributed or shared.

What a journey! To be honest I didn’t think I was going to beat the record or had much chance, once I arrived to Lone Pine (mile 122). I was totally depleted from the heat in Owens Valley and was eating or drinking enough. Each mile depleted me further of the internal reservoir and I would take half of a cookie or 3-4 chips. It was so hot and my body was depleted yet nothing really appealed that we had in the crew vehicle and I was dehydrated hanging on.

I called Kelly and told her there was an 85% chance I would stop at the Whitney Portal at mile 135. I told her I felt rough and was in no shape to go up on a mountain. I told her Marshall’s record was also far out of sight as we were arriving to the portal over an hour after his 135 time when he set the 146 mile record in 1991. She told me not to stop. That it was still possible and I should go for it.

I also, told my crew on the final 13 miles up Portal Road that we would likely stop at 135 and I really couldn’t imagine going up to summit Whitney.

At mile 132 on the switchbacks up Whitney I told my friend and crew member Michael Jimenez as he went pass in his car; “Prepare for the trail” (the final 11 miles from 8,600 to 14,505 of the 146 is a mountain trail from Whitney Portal to the summit). Michael got a big smile. We planned and I saved him as my primary crew person for Whitney.

I got to the Portal at 135 and I still wasn’t convinced I’d go for the summit but I thought if I go half a mile or even a mile on the trail it will be further than I ever went when I previously ran from Badwater to the Portal. Marshall Ulrich also messaged my crew to call him. So I called Marshall. I told him I didn’t know if I would even be able to summit, let alone go for his record. He told me that I could do it. To go for it. That he really believed I could still get the record. He was so supportive.

Davey McCoy and his partner Tracy were also joining Michael and I which made me feel a little better going for the summit. I felt that I had a bit more of a safety line in case something went poorly on the mountain. We set off and we went fast. Something clicked. It felt like one of the days on the Appalachian Trail with my father where I was moving over the rocks and climbing really fast. A part of me still felt we might have a chance. Kelly, my team and Marshall all believed it was still possible. I didn’t know until the final moment that we would actually make the record. I almost quit but I’m so glad a stayed in there. We summited at 3:32am (setting the new record by 22 minutes).

If you would have seen me stumbling the final 30 minutes you might have wondered if we would make it. The thought crossed my mind, I still have to get off this 14,505 foot mountain. After spending no more than a few minutes taking in the moment and capturing photos we retreated to the Whitney shelter. There were three guys in it already who were finishing the JMT John Meer Trail. Marshall had warned me it would be cold and I just spent time in the Boundary Waters with my Dad were we had a really cold/wet day I was underprepared so I brought an outer shell of water proof pants, jacket, gloves per the recommendation of Marshall and a winter face mask. Even with all the gear after finishing such a distance it was cold. I was so grateful to have Davey, Tracy and Michael. The 146 miles from lowest to highest really is 157 miles because you have to get off the mountain. It took me almost 9 hours to walk very slowly off the mountain using all the remaining energy I had.

I have to thank my crew from Badwater to the Portal; Dave Oakley (crew chief), Randy Kreill and Jeremy Scheffler. None of them had been out to Death Valley or Badwater. It was Jeremy and Randy’s first time crewing but they did amazing!

So much more I would like to share and will write more later. Thanks Tracey Outlaw for sharing the posts during the journey. Going into Lone Pine as we were only about 10 miles outside of town Ihad a fighter jet buzz me from about 80 feet over head and tilt his plane. I’m not sure if he knew what we doing but it was an awesome energy and even though I felt rough I thought it was a good sign.

The biggest take away is to hang in there. Even when something doesn’t seem possible, go as if it may be.

Harvey Lewis – Ultra Runner

We’re looking forward to our continued sponsorship of Run Jump Throw, a hands-on learning program that gets kids excited about physical activity. Check out the Run Jump Throw site for at-home PE class ideas.


ST. GEORGE, Utah – The St. George Marathon has been run without interruption each year for more than four decades – until now.

Due to coronavirus concerns, the annual race has been put on hold for this year and event organizers are looking ahead to 2021.

“This was a difficult decision for us to make,” said Michelle Graves, race director for the St. George Marathon and deputy director of the St. George Leisure Services Department. “We have enjoyed 43 consecutive years of this race, which has become one of the crown jewels of the marathon circuit.”

She said the health and safety of the runners, volunteers, staff members and residents outweighs the benefits of holding the race in October.

Each registered participant for the 2020 race will have the option for a full refund or for a deferral to the 2021 marathon.


People often ask me how I manage to have a long and fruitful career. I believe it’s because I am surrounded by many great people to train with. I believe success comes by working hard and laughing lots.


#NCAAXC UPDATE: If one more conference cancels fall sports DI XC will officially hit the 50% threshold to cancel the champs Conferences Left: AAC, ACC, A-SUN, BIG 12, BIG EAST, BIG SKY, C-USA, HORIZON, MVC, OVC, SEC, SOUTHERN, SOUTHLAND, SUN BELT, WAC, WCC


After the race last night, Hudson and Riley said “mom we’re sad you didn’t win.” I told them sometimes winning isn’t always about first place but it can be about running the best you’ve ever done and improving your personal time. But obviously I like winning too.


Can you believe it? John Walker, 45 years ago today, became the first man to clock a sub-3:50 Mile. SparklesStopwatchEarth globe europe-africa #legend Flag of New Zealand

“With 200 meters to go, I knew that I was on world record pace because Dwight Stones was yelling at me with a stopwatch in his hand.”


Simple practices that set you up for success and longevity: -Physical movement for at least 30min every day -Avoiding foods wrapped in plastic -Reading at least 20min every day -Sleeping 7 to 9 hrs -Engaging in community at least few days per week Amazing how far this gets you.

Bakersfield College: Renegade Track Travel Itinerary

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