Endurance Noise 08.11.20

Posted @withregram • @harveylewisultrarunner Post by Tracey Outlaw Mt Whitney.14,505ft.146 miles from Badwater Basin at -282ft. It APPEARS Harvey Lewis has set a new Badwater 146 FKT. (Unofficial). He is safely making his way back down to the portals now. The previous record- a stout one- was held by Marshall Ulrich set in 1991 in 33 hours, 54 minutes. … Continue reading Endurance Noise 08.11.20

When Does Recovery Become More Important Than Training?

 It’s not uncommon for coaches to have to reel their athletes in rather than push them to perform, so the question remains, when should you prioritize recovery over training? Two of the best indicators for readiness to train are mood and motivation.  Before embarking on a new season, or a large block of training, be sure your … Continue reading When Does Recovery Become More Important Than Training?


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