Endurance Twitter 07.28.20

Ben Rosario@BenRosario1·

Gotta get to bed early tonight. 20 x 400 in the morning!! Not for me. For the athletes. But us coaches have to be ready to bring the energy for big workouts too.

Steve Magness@stevemagness·

Remember, your job is what you do. It is not who you are.

Sara Hall@SaraHall3·

The biggest mistake I’ve seen runners make in their careers is trying to morph their bodies into how they see another (more successful) person’s rather than finding the best version of lean and strong for themselves. Leaner isn’t always faster & comparison is never productive

Brad Stulberg@BStulberg·

Athletes: keep in mind that you are not training for sport you are training for life. This mindset releases a LOT of self-imposed pressure.


Extremely proud of the creativity of the elite training groups & outside enthusiasts for stepping up & creating opportunities for Pro runners and fans. Just like always @usatf sits and waits for others to keep the sport alive. @NHL@MLB@NBA@NFL all have plans. But not @usatf

Charlotte Wilder@TheWilderThings·

I tweeted about how Europe is handling the pandemic better than America and a bunch of people in my mentions are telling me to go live in Europe and I’m like…I can’t because Americans aren’t allowed in because of how badly we’re handling the pandemic

David Melly@davidlikesyou·

If the hackers were smart, they would’ve held Strava for ransom, not Garmin. Everyone knows the real value isn’t in collecting the run data; it’s in showing it off to others.

Fast Women@fast_women·

Closing out this week of fast miles (and 1500s), Cory McGee wins the Team Boss Indiana Mile in 4:21.81 (#8 U.S. all-time outdoors). Dani Jones finishes second in 4:23.33, and Emma Coburn is third in 4:23.64. Big personal bests all around.

Endurance Twitter Time: 05/25/20

Steve Magness



May 25

Struggling to transition from HS to college is often discussed in terms of training.

But the biggest factor is the change in motivation. To succeed in college you need to be more driven from within. In HS, external motivators (coach/parent, friends, etc.) are easier.

Brad Stulberg



May 24

Hack for getting rich: save money.

Hack for getting strong: lift weights.

Hack for getting fast: run.

Hack becoming an author: write.

Hack for learning: read.

Hack for self-awareness: meditate.

Hack for motivation: build community.

Hack for recovery: sleep.




May 23

PACE is not instinctive for any athlete that I’ve ever worked with. It is something that needs to be learned. The most successful are those that understand rule number one. 

When running a workout, 5 seconds fast is not better than 5 seconds slow. They are both 5 seconds off.



May 21

A few thoughts on running on a treadmill for an extended period of time:

1) There definitely seems to be a psychological variance tied to being “told” what to do by the belt vs free flow running on the track, roads, or trails.

Nick Willis



May 21

Your legs feel better in evening workouts (as opposed to AM workouts), but they feel a lot worse the next morning!




May 20

Noticing a lot of people with strange running form.  Is it possible these are the treadmill people who’ve never run in the actual world?

brad culp



May 19

Sports: Testing everyone for performance-enhancing drugs is impossible.

Also sports: We’ll test everyone for COVID every day if we can exist again.

Brad Stulberg



May 19

If you are worried about “optimizing” but not sleeping 7 to 9 hours per night start there.

During sleep:

-Your body gets physically stronger.

-Your mind processes, stores, and connects information.

-You increase emotional control.

Sleep. The best performance enhancer there is.

Steve Magness



May 19

Endurance sport is mental training. 

You are alone in your head for long periods of time with ever increasing levels of discomfort. You have a concrete goal that half your mind is screaming to abandon. 

You repeat this day after day and have no option but to figure it out.

Steve Magness



May 19

Move from Dependence to Independence

Coaching is about making your own job obsolete. Good coaches foster independence. We should be working towards having our athlete be self-sufficient, with our role as simply course correcting the ship as it goes.

Adam Carolla



May 15

Finally some good news for Los Angelenos.  We’re experts at talking through plexiglass. From arguing with the nice man at the check cashing place, being refused the bathroom key at the gas station, or catching up with family in prison this is our time to shine.