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Why set yourself up as a target?

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The majority of us have probably said, “I want to feel better/faster/stronger when I run.” Often when people start running, an emphasis is put on running fast. I’d argue that in trail running, ‘fast’ takes all the credit while ‘efficiency’ quietly and humbly does most of the work.

24 Hour Fever

I crew / pace a lot of hundreds and it is like going to Ultra Grad School. One thing I see  experienced hundred runners do over and over is get 24 Hour Fever.

Coach Andy
  • The worse cases I saw was at WS 100 where everyone in the race has done a fast 100k at least.
  • 24 Hour Fever is from the very start pushing just a little too hard, not taking enough time at aid stations to take care of yourself and just having the 24 hour splits on your brain from the start.
  • Just being a little frantic and trying to gain seconds early on that will cost minutes later on.
  • There are so many ups and downs in 100s that you don’t need to add to them by worrying about hitting splits etc
  • Just take what the day and the course gives you and then when you get to 75 in good shape, then go for your sub 24.
  • Wizards don’t have a pacing plan because 14:24 pace isn’t that fast if you pace yourself and take care of yourself. I have never seen someone MATH themselves to a sub 24 hour but I have seen them MATH themselves to a barely make the final cutoff.